Practice with Perspective

Practice with Perspective approaches familiar poses in a way that will help you find a sense of strength and focus in your practice. Expect to change your perspective on what is considered “basic” in yoga! This class is broken into 3 parts: the first part with a blindfold (increasing focus and attention to subtle movements), the second with blankets and props, emphasizing strength and boosting focus, and the third taught free of props, honing into increased presence in these yoga postures. Leave this class with expanded insight into your own body and practice.


Don’t Let Your Practice Hit A WALL

There are many times a full range of yoga props is not available to us–traveling or at home–but there is usually a bit of wall space we can take advantage of. This class allows you to learn to use the wall as a tool to work on your alignment, give feedback on what parts of your practice need attention, and finding ways to work from there. This informative class will challenge you both mentally and physically.


Arm Balances with Props

This workshop will go over a variety of arm balances utilizing props, such as: blocks, straps and blankets. The use of props helps to create proper alignment, not just in standing poses, but in balancing poses as well.

This workshop is perfect for those seeking to build a strong foundation to effectively move through an arm balance practice. Students will walk away with a more refined alignment and stability in their practice, and teachers can apply my instruction to their arm balance based classes.

This workshop will help you create proper balance and focus, while on your hands.

Serious Fun, Serious Tunes, Seriously Rad Flow Class

To say this class will be fun and sweaty is an understatement. Throughout this vinyasa sequence, discover revolutionary ways of moving from one posture to another. Move beyond traditional transitions, heighten your attention to alignment, and find familiar poses feeling fresh and exciting through the experience of feeling new ways to move in and out of them. Expect a memorable and fun playlist.